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The GolfWorks has been the industry's source for premium club making components for the past 40 years.

About The GolfWorks

The GolfWorks is the golf industry’s most complete source for golf club components, clubmaking tools and supplies and technical information. Located in Newark, Ohio, the GolfWorks has been providing clubmakers and other golf equipment experts with a complete complement of proprietary club head designs full selection of brand name shafts and grips for more than 40 years.

Founded by Ralph Maltby in 1976, The GolfWorks is recognized throughout the industry for supreme golf equipment design technology. All metal woods and irons offered by The GolfWorks have are designed by Ralph and The GolfWorks Technical Team through the use of the proprietary Maltby Playability Factor. Derived through more than 34 years of golf club design and practical fitting experience.

About Maltby Playability Factor (MPF)

Ralph created the Maltby Playability Factor by combining a simple application of the laws of physics and an advanced mathematical formula. The result is a clubhead rating range that separates all models into five distinct playability levels:

  • Ultra Game Improvement Playability (851+ Playability Factor and above)
  • Super Game Improvement (701+ PF)
  • Game Improvement (551+ PF)
  • Conventional (401+ PF)
  • Classic (251+ PF)
  • Player Classic (250 PF and lower)

The higher the Playability Rating of a clubhead design, the easier the club is to consistently hit. All clubhead designs offered by The GolfWorks have a Playability Factor of Ultra Game Improvement, Super Game Improvement or Game Improvement. That gives clubhead designs from The GolfWorks a quantified performance rating that no other golf equipment manufacturer can match.

"Custom fitting golf equipment has always been two parts fact and one part ‘best guess,’" said Ralph. "The Maltby Playability Factor is a quantitative guide that objectively identifies specific clubhead performance characteristics for specific player types. As a result, clubmakers now have an additional tool in matching golfers with perfectly fit equipment."

Dana Upshaw, a custom clubmaker from Warner Robins, Ga. and winner of four U.S. Southern Region and two International Clubmaker of the Year Awards, said the Maltby Playability Factor represents a breakthrough in the custom fitting of golf clubheads. "The Maltby Playability Factor evaluates clubhead performance objectively, not through marketing or hype," he said. "It will give me greater confidence in the clubhead recommendations I make for my customers."

All clubheads distributed by The GolfWorks have undergone this evaluation. Playability Factor ratings are listed alongside each head in The GolfWorks annual Clubmaker’s Catalog, and displayed on this site.

About The GolfWorks Clubmaking Academy

The GolfWorks also is host to the finest educational programs in the industry — The GolfWorks Clubmaking Academy. Offering 27 sessions throughout the year, the Clubmaking Academy attracts students from around the world and is recognized as the game’s premier golf equipment assembly and repair training center.


The Maltby Design division of The GolfWorks provides design and manufacturing services for golf equipment brands such as PowerBiltTM and Tommy ArmourTM.

Our Location

4820 Jacksontown Road
Newark, OH 43056-3008

The GolfWorks USA headquarters is located just 30 miles east of Columbus, Ohio, just north of I-70. The GolfWorks Outlet is open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday so please stop for a visit.

About GolfWorks Canada

The GolfWorks operates in Canada as The GolfWorks Canada. The GolfWorks Canada is located at 855 Industrial Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G4l4. A retail store is also at this location with store hours 9 a.m - 5 p.m. Monday – Friday,

The GolfWorks Canada provides clubmakers and golfers with a variety of catalogs throughout the year. To request a catalog, call us toll-free at 1-800-387-5331, or email us at support@golfworkscanada.com .

About Ralph Maltby

Ralph Maltby has influenced every aspect of modern clubmaking, from golf club fitting to his many patented innovations in golf club design to his four best-selling reference books. The first book is the definitive work called "Golf Club Design, Fitting, Alteration and Repair." This 900-page hardcover book is the official reference manual of the Professional Golfers Association of America. Another of Ralph’s works, the 2001 second edition of "The Complete Golf Club Fitting Plan," also is the official fitting book of the PGA. Mr. Maltby has also written the definitive "Golf Club Repair In Pictures" used worldwide (translated into other languages) which is in its 5th edition. The other book is titled the "Golf Club Assembly Manual". All of Mr. Maltby’s books are the No. 1 selling books on these selected subjects and have totaled hundreds of thousands of copies sold.

Graduating from the University of South Florida with a Marketing degree, he also has the credits to qualify him as an engineer. He played golf prior to and during his college days. While attending the University he operated a club repair and custom golf shop.

Before joining Spalding in 1969, Ralph Maltby served as a wood head finishing consultant to several major golf club manufacturers. At Spalding, he began as a Product Engineer, designed several new golf clubs and later became Product Manager for golf products.

In 1973 he joined Faultless Sports as Director of Marketing. There he developed and patented a number of highly innovative club designs and was promoted to Vice President.

In 1976, Mr. Maltby founded The GolfWorks and has been manufacturing and distributing golf clubs, machines, gauges, tools and supplies worldwide to golf club repair shops, golf professionals, manufacturers, custom clubmakers and do-it yourselfers. He is actively involved with golf equipment testing, advanced golf club design technology and improving methods for fitting golf clubs to the individual.

Mr. Maltby has lectured at over 250 PGA Business Schools on Golf Club Design Principles, Golf Club Fitting and Golf Club Repair Procedures. He lectured annually at the Tour Players School with a 51/2 hour presentation entitled "Working With Your Equipment" He has also taught basic and advanced repair and fitting workshops for the PGA, and written numerous articles for golfing publications around the world. He is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America and The Golf Collectors Society.

In 1991 he was listed by "Golf Digest" magazine as one of the 36 most powerful men in golf and in 1996 was inducted into the "Professional ClubMakers Society" Hall of Fame.