Kinetixx TS-i Trajectory Series .370 Iron Shaft

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The KINETIXX TS (Trajectory Series) golf shafts are truly unique. Unlike most graphite shaft designs on the market today, every individual shaft flex in the entire TS series originates from an independent build profile to achieve a specific flight pattern. The continuous fiber filament winding process allows for each individual shaft to have its own specific pre-targeted trajectory, weight and torque profile. This provides a truer fit for a wider variety of player types by matching the preferred launch conditions to the corresponding swing speeds of individual golfers. The result is improvement in every category of performance. This individual approach to performance shaft design is featured in all the KINETIXX TS Series shafts.

The KINETIXX TS-I .370" Iron shafts mirror the design concept behind the entire TS series by providing a high launching, moderate torque and lightweight profile in the A flex option progressing into a low/mid launching, low torque and mid weight X Flex. These individual shaft flex builds truly provide shaft specifications for any type of player


  • Winding patterns tailored to optimize torque transfer and create an optimal balance between tensile strength, hoop strength and torsional resistance. For precise control of balance point and shot trajectory, per flex/profile
  • High modulus continuous fiber filament wound carbon fiber produce an extraordinary strength to weight ratio and balanced stiffness, as compared to all other high modulus carbon fiber shaft processes with discontinuities in the fibers impeding the load transfer.
  • Circumferentially uniform wall thicknesses, for unmatched flex consistency. Enabling greater versatility in custom fitting and club building
  • Vacuum cured for the highest fiber area weight to resin ratio, resulting in an incomparably smooth bend profile with enhanced feedback.
  • Features uniform wall thicknesses, for unmatched flex consistency in an iron shaft, enabling greater versatility in custom fitting and club building.
  • Weight and flex matched to produce optimum trajectory and control throughout the set.
  • Available in 4 flexes and weights in both .370 parallel tip and .355 taper tip (PK 5).

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KINETIXX TS-I Shaft Specifications