Maxfli 2023 Tour X Golf Balls

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  • Center of Gravity Balanced
  • Soft Cast Urethane
  • Low Compression Core
  • High-Speed Mantle
  • Tetrahedron Dimple Pattern
  • Gloss White Color


  • Patented balancing process combined with new alignment aid for improved consistency and accuracy
  • Soft Cast Urethane for added greenside spin and super-soft feel
  • New core design for soft feel and fast ball speeds
  • New high resiliency design delivers faster ball speed and low spin for longer distance
  • Innovative tetrahedron dimple pattern optimizes ball flights aerodynamics for longer distance
  • 12-Pack
Comparison         Tour S          Tour         Tour X
Layers            3             3              4
Feel        Softest         Softer           Soft
Ball Flight       Low-Mid          Mid        Mid-High
Driver Spin          Low          Low           Low
Iron Spin       Low-Mid          Mid       Mid-High
Greenside Spin          High         High           High