Surebonder Pro 100 Hot Melt Kit-HA1003

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This Golf Club Weighting Kit has been put together specifically for golf club customization. Hot Melt is the ideal method for increasing head weight on drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. Hot Melt also is the only proven method for improving the sound of oversized drivers and for permanently eliminating rattles. The hot melt offers a strong bond that will continue to be tacky after it's added to the club. The Pro 100 Hot Melt Kit does not require the head to be heated prior to installation. Why is this adhesive perfect for golf club weighting? Since the hot melt remains tacky after application it will not crack or fracture inside the club head due to vibrations.

Included in this golf club kit is the Surebonder Pro 100 glue gun, two golf club weight hot melt cartridges with 3" nozzles for easy insertion down longer hosels and 20 Metal Wood Hosel Bore Plugs. The GolfWorks is pleased to be able to offer clubmakers this essential kit at an affordable price.


  • Surebonder Pro 100 glue gun and bench heater (120V) for easy Hot Melt warming
  • Two Golf Club Weight Hot Melt cartridges with a 3" nozzles included
  • 20 Metal Wood Hosel Bore Plugs included
  • Club head does not need to be heated prior to installation
  • Easily increase weight on any hollow golf club
  • Hot Melt will not break or crack
  • Removes unwanted rattles in golf club heads
  • Improves sound of oversized drivers

Operating Instructions:

  • Because of the 3" long custom nozzle the gun must heated for at least 20 minutes. It is also a good idea to separately heat the nozzle with a heat gun or torch, this allows the adhesive to flow much easier.
  • DO NOTsqueeze too hard on hand trigger. This will cause the trigger or dispensing gear to break. Let the adhesive dispense at its own pace to avoid damage to the gun. Again, heating the nozzle allows for easier usage.